child hunger crisis appeal

Not having access to enough food is a real issue in places like Gbawe Ghana where most of the population is mired in poverty. While there are many other pressing issues in these communities, hunger is one of the most dangerous. In many places people are able to take what and when they will eat next for granted, but that is not the case in Gbawe Ghana, where many children are starving and malnourished because they do not have enough food to eat, and what they do have to eat is often not nutritious enough to provide everything that the body needs to be healthy. This is why groups like PAAJAF are making a child hunger crisis appeal one of its priorities.

Hunger Affects the Health and Quality of LIfe of the People of Gbawe Ghana

Food and water are sources of nutrition and nourishment for all living things. When children grow up with not enough food and clean water they can and will face many health challenges as children that will be carried on into adulthood. It is also an unfortunate fact that many children will succumb to the ravages of hunger and not live to become adults. Access to healthcare is not a guarantee for all children in the community, so even when food is available again, it is difficult for children to get the nourishment they need to sustain themselves and heal from the ravages of hunger.  A child hunger crisis appeal is needed to ensure that these children get the food they need to grow into healthy adults.

Lack of Food Directly Affects the Availability of an Education to Students

In an area of the world where hunger is not guaranteed for every child, it is impossible to make sure education is a number one priority. If people do not have enough to eat they will not be able to focus or learn because their brains will not be able to function properly. Most children in Gbawe, Ghana will never attend school or will receive very little education due to the fact that families cannot afford to send their children to school. Some children may need to help around the house, or in some cases, they may even have to take up jobs. These jobs often involve participating in very physically demanding jobs to help the family. When children get stuck in this cycle of poverty, it is very hard for them to raise themselves out of it as adults, because they are lacking the very skills that will allow them to make a better life for themselves. Focusing on a child hunger crisis appeal could help pave the way for children to have a better education and life.

Hunger’s Effect on Educational Levels Directly Lead to Illiteracy

When you have a large population of children not attending school, the illiteracy rate is astronomical. Children who grow up to be illiterate are faced with the fact that the jobs that they have access to are very limited, and will most likely involve some kind of hard physical labor in poor conditions. Once children grow into adults that do not know how to read, it is near impossible to get out of that situation. This is because there is no money to help people receive a quality education, regardless of their background. The fact remains that it is the rich who continue to be prosperous, while most of the nation is left in extreme poverty, like those living in Gbawe Ghana. Once a quality education is accessible to all in Gbawe’s community, the rural town will truly be able to thrive and attain literacy for all adults and children. Establishing a child hunger crisis appeal could help to pave the way for literacy to become a reality for all children. However, hunger is an issue that must be addressed before all others can. A people cannot take the problems a lack of education creates if they do not have enough to eat.

The Hunger Crisis Affects Girls Disportionately More Than Boys

As women around the world continue to face discrimination and receive lower wages, the situation is no different in Gbawe Ghana. Women in rural communities such as this face harsh discrimination when it comes to educational and vocational opportunities. In many of these cases, these women are abandoned by their husbands and left to raise children with little to no education or vocational training. This puts single mothers in Gbawe Ghana in a very vulnerable situation, and leaves them with very little opportunity in the way of work, resulting in these women having to raise their children in extreme poverty. Establishing a child hunger crisis appeal would help put vital educational and vocational learning opportunities in the hands of these women who need it the most. In turn, this helps ensure their children will also receive an education to help the entire community flourish.

Investing in Child Welfare Means Investing in Full Bellies

The cycle of poverty will only continue without ensuring that children are protected, have an education, have enough food, have clean water, and have access to healthcare. Establishing a child hunger crisis appeal can secure the future of the entire community for generations to come by ensuring children have access to what they need to thrive. The reality for many children is to live in extreme poverty, making it difficult to guarantee the welfare of children. In many cases, children are so poor that they cannot afford food or to attend the only free public school in Gbawe.

Eliminating Childhood Hunger Will Lead to a More Prosperous Community

With so many children left starving, the whole community is left to suffer. If children are not able to grow up strong and healthy, they will not be able to grow into the leaders that their communities sorely need to usher in an area of prosperity. In every culture, in every community around the world, it is a well-held belief that children are the future of all things. If we do not ensure that these children have enough food to eat, they will grow up into bleak futures indeed. Focusing on a child hunger crisis appeal will help the entire community in the long run.

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