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Our Kids

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Susana’s Story

Susan’s story will be updated soon

$0 / 2530 : Amount raised

Josephine’s Story

When PAAJAF took Josephine in, she and her sibling Kelvin had been expelled from school because their parents couldn’t pay the fees.

$0 / 1570 : Amount raised

Modecai’s Story

Modecai’s mother knows that learning English is key to a better life. But she and Modecai’s father earn just $4 a day. Modecai needs financial help to stay at school.

$0 / 2580 : Amount raised

Judy’s Story

Judy’s mother desperately want to send him to school so he can build a better life than she could. He is a quick learner and puts a lot of effort into his studies, but his parents only earn $3 a day. Judy’s mother is struggling to send him and his brother to school on a daily income of only about $3 USD

$0 / 2850 : Amount raised

Abigail’s Story

Abigail is diligent and responsible both at school and home, where she looks after her younger brother. However she’s often had to miss school and try to study by herself because she can’t afford to go.

$0 / 8100 : Amount raised

Diana’s Story

Diana’s father is elderly and her mother is only occasionally employed as a seller at the market. They need to support many children in the family, so Diana’s parents are constantly struggling to make ends meet. They can’t afford to send Diana to school.

$0 / 3900 : Amount raised

Nidaar’s Story

Nidaar needs critical help and is waiting for a sponsor to see her through school by getting her schools and other resources pay.

$0 / 2550 : Amount raised

Sarah’s Story

Sarah is an orphan and has an outstanding performance in academics. She needs financial help to stay at school.

$0 / 3250 : Amount raised

Erica’s Story

Erica is an orphan. She is a very dedicated student and wants to become a Bank Manager. Due to lack of financial support she has found it difficult to attend school and maintain good grades.

$0 / 3000 : Amount raised

Lordina’s Story

Lordina’s smile will light up any room.  She lives with her parents and sister Ernestina. The sisters have been missing classes because their parents struggle to provide for the family. Her mother is a street vendor and tailor and her parents only earn $90 a month, which isn’t enough to cover school costs. Currently Lordina […]

$2000 / 2450 : Amount raised