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Our Projects

PAAJAF provides charitable services in line with its mission to support underprivileged children, some of them orphans, youth and women. The organization runs a school that services children across the Gbawe region in Ghana, giving them good quality education, food, clothing and a safe place to play. In a recent past, PAAJAF had also provided professional courses for adults, mainly women, to enable them to improve their income and their lives. It is our desire to start running the professional program again very soon. Below are our current listed projects under our programs.


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Support us keep our children in school in 2020!

Since the beginning of PAAJAF Foundation in 2007, our priority has been to bring hope to our children for a better future through education. We can now proudly see our students taking new steps each year towards new directions in life, by giving them a foundation where they can start learning and building their dreams. […]

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Help Build a Community Library

The PAAJAF Educational Institute’s library project aims to create a learning environment for the children at PEI school and the people in the Gbawe Community in Ghana. It is intended to be a source of quality education both inside and outside the classroom. With this project, those who cannot afford to purchase reference books in […]

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Help Equip Our Schools

Without school books and supplies, children can’t attend school – with your help they can have a scholarship fund to help them stay in school. You can help us make the difference in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women at PEI. PAAJAF Foundation started the Family Learning Project as part of the PAAJAF […]

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Help youth and women become entrepreneurs

In Gbawe community in Ghana women constitute a significant proportion of contributing family workers. They are less likely to engage in wage employment than men, and when they do, they are more likely to hold part-time, seasonal and/or low-paying jobs in the informal economy. The proposed project aims to improve financial conditions of women in […]

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Give a Gift of Digital Literacy

PEI (PAAJAF Educational Institute) School, a project developed by PAAJAF to build a vibrant educational centre in the Gbawe community. Our goal is to provide school education to orphans and underprivileged children, youth, and women in the community. At this moment, 145 children are enrolled at the school, ranging from preschool to primary school levels, […]

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Building a Foundation for a Permanent School

Help PAAJAF to secure a land to build a permanent classrooms to run a scholarship school in Ghana

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