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Our Projects

Since the beginning of PAAJAF Foundation in 2007, our priority has been to provide opportunity to disadvantaged children in Ghana of a better future through education. We proudly see our students taking new steps towards fresh directions in life in each year. Currently we have 145 students enrolled from 2,5 to 9 years of age - who likely wouldn't have access to education and a safe environment to play, with little hope to improve their future.


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Education Center for Disadvantaged Families Ghana

The major aim of this project is to make the foundation of a permanent education institute where the organization’s future would not be dependent on landlords and tenant fees.

$0 / 7600 : Amount raised

Give One Year Scholarships for Children in Ghana

Most children in the Gbawe region (Greater Accra region) cannot go to school due to the lack of public schools in the area and the long distance to reach the ones available. Please support PAAJAF to keep our children in school in 2020!

$0 / 33000 : Amount raised

Give a Child in Ghana a Safe Place to Learn

This project is fundamental for the organization to be able to operate while securing the school-building for our students. The school is not only an educational center, but a safe place for young children to learn, play and be part of a loving community.

$0 / 12000 : Amount raised