Philip K. Appiah​

Philip Appiah

Philip K. Appiah

Co-Founder and CEO


Country of Origin:   Ghana

Joined:   April 2007


I know the life changing importance of education. I could have landed up as a street hawker like many of those with whom I grew up. I thankfully did not, because of the education that I had earned the hard way. After completing Junior High school, I traded away four years of my childhood to working in multiple odd jobs, saving money for Senior High school. Completing schooling was a milestone for me.


It permitted me to dream higher, to hope for a future as a professional, and to pursue a diploma course in Accounting. The power of education helped me secure a substantial job as an Accountant and enabled me to gradually yank myself out of a life of scarcity into one of sufficiency. I know from experience that when children, youth, and women are provided a foothold into education, it opens the doors of hope and opportunities for them. Having seen first-hand that it was possible to exit the vicious circle of poverty, I envisioned this kind of an empowered life for countless others in the community.

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