The successful growth of our PAAJAF is the direct result of our valued volunteers. The dedication and commitment of our volunteers serve as the vital link in the chain that drives PAAJAF towards its mission. In recognition to that commitment, PAAJAF has initiated a Loyalty Programme and this to appreciate our outstanding volunteers. We are pleased to announce to your our Bright Award winner – Tin Manasan

It is our great pride that we present Bright Award to you, Tin, for your outstanding performance.  We have no objection not to recommend you to anyone who will need your help or You will approach for help.

Tin, contribution as a volunteer, worked towards the Sustainable Development Goals. She is a designer and designed our software interfaces and also contributed to the design of our website. Tin, joined PAAJAF as a volunteer through the United Nations Online Volunteer to support PAAJAF. PAAJAF is supported by the United Nations Online Volunteering Programme.

Congratulations to YOU ” Tin Manasan” for your hard work and much dedication. We look forward to your ongoing contributions and bright and successful future.

Warm Regards,

Management Team

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