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About Us

We want to end poverty and illiteracy in Gbawe and Ghana by providing its inhabitants with better opportunities.

Our Values


We believe that any barrier can be overcome and shoud not prevent a person from realizing future aspirations.


We believe that education is the tool to empower needy communities in Gbawe by helping them acquire skills needed to alleviate poverty, and upward mobility.


PAAJAF operates a strict equal opportunity/open access policy accepting individuals and groups irrespective of ethnicity, gender, disability or personal circumstance.


Our strategy is we utilise the skills and experiences of our volunteers and the support from our sponsors to provide Adolescents and Adults jobs for future advancement through education and skills.


To become a leading resource centre for underprivileged orphans, neglected children, youth and women at Gbawe and beyond in Ghana.


To continually strive to offer fair livingconditions to those in our community through education and professional training programs.

Founder's Story

I jointly conducted a study with Juliet Yayera Afua, a teacher in Gbawe and was disturbed about the findings. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore.

Audited Financial Reports


PAAJAF Foundation

Statement of financial position at 31st Dec 2018

PAAJAF Foundation

Statement of financial position 31st Dec 2017


PAAJAF Foundation

Statement of financial position 31st Dec 2016


PAAJAF Foundation

Statement of financial position 31st Dec 2015


Our Supporters

The PAAJAF Foundation is staffed by online volunteers around the world and by additional volunteers here in Ghana, who share our vision of a better world and seek to bring light and progress to the lives of our children through education and community support.