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At PAAJAF Foundation accomplishing charity causes geared towards our client groups. Ourprofessionals have brought their brains, heart, and values to work, marking a diference for our clients to help them achieve their missions to be in the world today, and be ready forwhat’s next. To ensure that PAAJAF is positioned to succeed in oursecond decade, we don’t play with our integrity and ensure to be always accountable and transparent in implementing our Vision and Mission and the long-range strategy.

Below you will find our annual reports and magazines that has been published by our organization to engage children and youth in writing (Journalism) this project is currently on hold. PAAJAF is seeking for sponsors and donations to resume it and we call for your support.

Annual Report

2018 Report

PDF (1.96 MB)

2017 Report

PDF (2.47 MB)

2016 Report

PDF (1.75 MB)

Education and Development

PDF (2.56 MB)

Food Crises

PDF (42.7 MB)

Child Abuse

PDF (1.52 MB)

Women in Ghana

PDF (2.34 MB)

Human Rights

PDF (1.58 MB)

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