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PAAJAF is a small but very ambitious NGO. Our objective is to end the cycle of poverty that perpetuates in Ghana through educational programs for children and adults. The organization’s main purpose is to provide quality education not only for underprivileged children but also to their families, mainly women. We believe that education is the only permanent answer that will enable entire communities to fulfill their dreams with dignity.

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PAAJAF’s vision is to be the leading educational center for the youth, women, orphans and underprivileged individuals in Ghana and beyond.


PAAJAF’s mission is to continuously improve the living conditions to those in our community through the power of education.

Our Programs

PAAJAF provides charitable services in line with its mission to support children, youth and adults in Ghana. The services are organized into cores areas such as education, healthcare, child welfare, and youth resilience.

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Founder's Message

My name is Philip Appiah and I know the life changing importance of education. I could have landed up as a street hawker like many of those with whom I grew up.

I thankfully